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Over 60 and Still Having Sex? You could Earn £3,000/$3,800 from the Comfort of Your Own Bedroom!

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As many people of the older generations will know, sex is something which can become less enjoyable as you age. Whether you’re suffering from an underlying health condition, or simply lack confidence in the bedroom, sex can be a tricky thing to conquer as an older person. However, at SexPositions.Online, we’re on a mission to stop this becoming the norm for those who still want to have sex – and enjoy it!

As an adult advice platform, we can help over 60s feel inspired and educated when it comes to which positions are the most suitable for them. However, we need the help of three couples over the age of 60, to review a number of sex positions, so they can provide informative and honest feedback for our new ‘veteran’ page.

We’ll be paying each couple £3,000/$3,800 to take part in the research and test a series of different sex positions, spanning varying levels of difficulty/advancement – as one of our veteran reviewers, the positions we send you will be based on your own preferences so you won’t be expected to do anything you’re uncomfortable with!

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This new arm of our platform we’re creating is focused on helping older generations improve their sex lives, and we were motivated to do this after a recent survey of ours revealed that the majority of 65 – 80 year olds (76%) consider sex as important, but more than half (54%) were not enjoying it anymore.

Additional insights revealed two thirds (67%) were still sexually active, with more than half (51%) expressing a desire to try new things in the bedroom, however almost all of those respondents (87%) were anxious to do so.

As one of our veteran reviewers you will be helping us improve the sex lives of older people around the world!

We know that sex can be a very specific thing for lots of people, with tastes and desires changing from person to person, so we’re looking for a mixture of couples of varying; sexual activeness, physicality and capabilities to take part in the research, in order to ensure the ‘veteran’ page contains content relevant to every older person. We’re encouraging couples from across the world to apply, however they must be able to provide written feedback in English.

If you are chosen for the scheme, we’ll be sending you a series of sex positions to try every two weeks for eight weeks (never more than one a week). At the end of each week, you’ll be expected to provide comprehensive feedback on each, delving into: difficulty, enjoy-ability, practicality and comfort-ability – any and all feedback is welcome. At the end of the eight weeks you’ll be asked to go back through your reviews, and choose which positions you think should be included on our Veteran page.

Each sex position will come with detailed instructions and graphics, just to make sure you understand how each one works. There would be various options available such as man on top positions, woman on top positions, oral sex positions etc.

Following the initial application process, we’ll be contacting a number of couples to gain more knowledge of their sex lives. Following this part of the process, couples will be assigned to a number of positions to test, based on what kind of sex they enjoy/are willing to try.

Ideally, we’d like couples to begin reviewing positions before Christmas, so we’re looking to have a preliminary applicant list by the middle of November. The closing date for applications is Friday 30th October.

So, if you think that sounds like something you and your partner would be interested in, please apply here:

James, founder of SexPositions.Online, said,

“A lot of people are uncomfortable with the thought of an older person being sexually active, but I think this is something that needs to change. Just because you turn 60, doesn’t mean you suddenly lose all desire to be intimate with someone else. This subject being perceived as ‘taboo’ has lead to older people feeling stifled by their age, with no where to turn when they need inspiration or information on how they can still enjoy sex.

“The hope of this research is so get more over 60s having sex, and good sex at that, and for those who already are, to help ensure they feel confident in branching out and trying new things. We’d like to get the ball rolling on this before Christmas, so we encourage any interested couples to get involved and start applying!”