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How to Have Sex While Sitting/Kneeling? Try These 15 Positions

How did it feel when you have to do it but can’t find a bed?

Pathetic AF, isn’t it?

But, wait…

We won’t let it go anyway. As you’re gonna get a scintillating idea of making her feel ORGASMically wonderful without even hopping into the damn bed.

Sounds interesting? Doesn’t it?

Yeah, it does. In fact, it even looks like way more erotic than you can imagine it to be.

You must’ve got the idea of what we’re talking about. Yes, it is about some raunchy sex moves while sitting.

Here we’ve compiled some of the best such moves so that you could make your next session steamier.

1. Lotus


Wow! It doesn’t leave scope very much to move up and down, but you can bet on its intense intimacy. You need to sit in a cross-legged position, and she comes up on your lap. She can now start gentle thrusts and for a change, she can go with circular hip movements as well to feel more…

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2. Scissor


Yes, you can cut all the damn threads which connect with outer chaos as this scissor in only meant for some erotic pleasures. She is lying in bed with a little twisted leg, one above the other. You sit leaning a bit backward, resting your palms on the bed and now go inside her minge vigorously.

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3. Spider


You face each other while sitting and it makes a difference this time. How? Find yourself. You both need to sit resting the palms while leaning a bit backward. Now, her coochie is just before your rock-hard shaft. So, go deeper, there is nothing to stop.

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4. Face-to-Face

Face to Face

Oh, my God! This piercing gaze will make your horses run and wait; those boobies are rubbing against your chest is a bonus. All you need is a pedestal and you first sit on that and let her comes on your lap. Now, you both don’t have any option but to explore each other erotically.

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5. Side Saddle

Side Saddle

Having it on the edge and sideways drags you to the edge of utmost pleasure and deepness of fulfillment at the same time. The man rests her upper body on the edge and she comes over his crotch sideways. Though penetration might be shallow but the pleasure is so deep.

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6. Pretzel


Dip it in the orgasm and have it in your breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. Whenever you want. She lies in bed on her side lifting her upper body a little and raising her legs up in the air or bent it to make it look like a pretzel. He sits on his knees and leans a little forward and starts going inside her wet pussy.

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7. Trampoline


It’s a daring sort of and everyone should not accept it. All you need to do is lie flat on the bed; just lift your entire body on your feet and palms. She now crawls between your legs and rests her palms on your thighs for support and starts thrusting gently.

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8. Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull

You can stare at her bouncing tits in vigor while she is busy taking your rock-hard shaft inside her thirsty coochie. You sit on the bed, keeping a good gap between your legs and resting your hands backside. She comes between your legs and rests her legs your thighs and takes her pussy to your cock and rest is all about screaming and moaning with sheer pleasure.

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9. Man Trap

Man Trap

Ouch! It may be a little uncomfortable but believe me, it’s all worth it. Give it a try. Just arrange a chair and sit on that stretching your legs forward and leaning a bit backward. She now comes on your lap and you grab her bums and start thrusting passionately.

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10. Necking


It’s something that gives you full scope feel her clits while going inside from behind. You both need to stand with folded knees in a position where he comes behind her and grabbing her from behind. Now he starts penetrating from behind and fondling down there with one hand and the other can play with her boobies at the same time.

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11. The Firm

The Firm

Oh yeah, it demands firm support as you need to play hard in this move. You just sit on a powerball and rest your back and elbows on a table. She comes on your lap, holding your shoulder and neck for support and does all the jumping over your cock with passion.

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12. Heaven Knows

Heaven Knows

You can make her visit heaven with your sexy acts while sweating it out together. All you need to do is sit down with folded legs lifting your hips a little and she comes on your lap and wraps around your neck. You grab her ass and push her against your cock. Oh, it’s deep.

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13. Raunchy Wrestler

Raunchy Wrestler

It’s raunchier than it looks like. Want to approve? Go ahead, mate! All you need to is, stand on your knees and she folds her knees in a perpendicular direction and wraps you around your neck. And Now you grab her butts for support and start going back and forth to bang harder.

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14. Highway To Heaven

Highway to Heaven

If her beautiful tits are in your hands and your chest rubs against her back, imagine the moment and you’d find it hard, I bet. Just sit down so that your thighs remain on your calves. She comes on your lap facing opposite you and starts thrusting while he can kiss her neck and play with her boobies.

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15. The Anchor

The Anchor

It makes a victory sign and you both win the battle of pleasure. All you have to do is arrange a chair first. Just sit down leaning your back and now she comes on your lap leaning backward. Just hold her arms for support and she starts going up and down against your cock.

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Now you don’t have to wait for some particular place where something like bed exists for that matter. I mean to get laid.

So, if you bump into someone gorgeous in a bar or party or anywhere else and you can’t let your wild horses calm down for your cozy bed, these exciting moves are meant for you.

So, enjoy every damn thing while sitting what you crave for.

Obviously, we’re talking about your urge to have that humping bumping.

Stay hard and horny fellas!