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How to do sex in Helicopter position? Try these 3 variations too!


Ready to take a trip to the heights of pleasure? So, what are you waiting for? Find a place, get cozy and raise the bar.

Steps to perform:

Step 1: You both need to lie flat on the stomach but facing opposite to one-another.

Step 2: Approach each other’s genitals for penetration.

Step 3: Start pushing a little into her and maintain the rhythm.

Want to make her fly higher in that wet orgasmic sky? This helicopter will make it possible. She is all set to be launched and you’re here?

C’mon, get set and go. These helicopter variations are meant for you.

1. Airplane


You just lie flat lifting your upper body a little and hanging legs down the edge. And she is on your launchpad and ready to fly. Fuel the engine and hear the roar…err… moan.

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2. Starfish


You know what? Watching those bouncing boobies while humping bumping your lady is something another level experience you have. And this starfish will make you see that for sure.

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3. The X Factor

The X Factor

Lie in the bed facing one-another she comes between your legs and you set your shaft on her juicy pussy. Rest is all about sheer fun with orgasm.

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Aren’t you all excited to try these hot sex positions?

You definitely are. Right? So, why too late. Just go, fasten your seatbelt and fly with all you’ve got.

Sky…I mean she is all yours.