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9 Most Popular Man on Top Positions You'll Love

Getting on top always has its one of its kinda excitement.

Isn’t it?

And when it’s about getting on top of your lady while doing hanky panky, pleasure gets doubled.

People usually go for such moves when the man gets on top of her and she makes proper eye contact with him while watching him panting hard with the rhythms of penetration.

So, let’s get into some more details of it.

Here we’ve compiled 9 popular man on top positions which will definitely make you go wild tonight.

1. Missionary


When the man does it with strength and compassion, penetration gets deeper, and he can then hit her A-Spot. This is one of the most popular sex moves and everyone does it. Both the partners need to lie flat on the bed and he comes almost top of her and penetrates deeper while she is moaning with joy.

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2. Butter Churner

Butter Churner

Can you imagine, in how many ways it could turn out to be a wilder move? It’s not only eye contact but the direct blood circulation into your head will increase the pleasure. She lies on back with her legs raised up and folded over so that her ankles touch the surface behind her head. Meanwhile, he squats and lets his iron-like dick into her already wet pussy.

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3. Spread Eagle

Spread Eagle

Spread the wings and soar higher in the limitless sky of that erotic pleasure. Don’t you want it now? So, why to wait then. She lies flat on the bed and raises her legs in the air keeping a fair gap between her legs and he comes getting on his knees and bends a little forward so that he could insert his cock into her coochie deeply.

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4. The Snow Angel

The Snow Angel

A pedestal, you and she make a deadly erotic combo and want to make it happen now? Just go ahead. She lies flat raising her legs and they are folded over. Her ankles point towards his head. He rests his palms on the ground and sets his shaft up on her coochie. Now the game starts with full thrust.

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5. The Spork

The Spork

She does the same thing in this as well. I mean, she raises her legs in the air while lying in bed. He comes over her crotch sideways and starts penetrating with the rhythm. Although penetration is not that deep but it’s fair enough for a change.

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6. Over The Edge

Over the Edge

Living on the edge always has its charm and adventures and when it is about seeking sexual pleasures, nothing can beat this philosophy. She lies flat, hanging one leg down and from the other, she wraps around him for deeper penetration. She can feel the intoxicated vibrations now.

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7. Hot And Spicy

Hot and Spicy

Widening legs at times heightens those sensual pleasures. And you can’t imagine how aptly this variation proves it right. She lies flat, raising her right leg up to his shoulder and wraps around him with left leg. He now mounts and goes in deeper while she moans for more…

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8. The Cuddler

The Cuddler

Rubbing bodies against each other while making love makes the whole thing wilder. How? Just let her lie on the bed on her stomach and you cuddle her from behind. She lifts her upper body a little resting her elbows on the surface. He grabs her neck for support and goes deeper inside of her meanwhile.

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9. The Wow Wow

The Wow Wow

Yes, you’d say it once it’s done. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but trust me if you’ve that adventurous, sexy spirit, try it sometime. She lies flat on the chair, raising her legs in the air. He comes nearer bends forward with folded knees. Now his all-ready-to-go dick is all set to explore her vajayjay with vigor.

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Wasn’t it all sexy?

I hope you found it all worth trying tonight. If not all, two-three at least.

When you’ll go with your passions, these moves will surely pay off and you’d wish to make the night last longer than ever before.

Stay horny stay happy.

Have a screamingly satisfying sex session tonight.