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How to do sex in Missionary position? Try these 7 variations too!


A panting man makes her hornier.

But it should come out of sensual lovemaking.

Wondering how?

Here we go.

When you are on the top and she feels everything of yours so deeply, you both can’t resist to stretch it longer. Can you? I guess not. It is one of the most popular sex positions named missionary and when it comes to pleasure, it undoubtedly stands out.

Thinking about why is it so satisfying?

Hold on! We’re here to explain.

When the man does it with strength and compassion, penetration gets deeper, and he can then hit the anterior fornix, which is known as A-Spot. It makes her soar higher and helps reach her cervical orgasms amazingly.

So, nothing to wait. Jump in the bed and begin the show right away.

Steps to perform:

Step 1: Woman lies on her back with her legs open.

Step 2: You need to be on top, adjusting yourself between her legs.

Step 3: Settle down and keep on banging. She will scream with pleasure.

If you’re a fan of missionary and it suits you anyway, you can’t ignore these variations. You’ll get high on compassion and pleasure gets manifold.

So, you just try different moves to make her feel erotically alive tonight.

1. CAT

Coital Alignment Technique

Rubbing with one-another bodies causes heat and trust me; it can melt you two away. He is on the top and heart-piercing eye contact is there to make you feel wilder.

Check out CAT »

2. Blind Love

Blind Love

Aah! That blindfolded moment will make you see everything lightening like a bolt. Yes, it happens when she lies flat raising her folded legs and he comes between them with his hard rock shaft. She is blindfolded and he goes deeper into her and watches her moan.

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3. Flying Missionary

Flying Missionary

You can make her fly with your more vigorous strokes. She lies flat on the bed and you need to take her towards the edge and lean a little forward and keep thrusting.

Check out Flying Missionary »

4. Front and Rear

Front and Rear

It looks a bit weird, but trust me, you will have double pleasure. She balances herself on her elbow and a knee while the others are wrapped around him. He approaches her vajayjay and licks her tits at the same time.

Check out Front and Rear »

5. The Deep

The Deep

Keeping a pillow down her butts makes you go deeper than she can ever imagine. And the plus point is you both can make proper eye contact.

Check out The Deep »

6. Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry

It is quite similar to the flying missionary because it also requires almost the same angle of penetration but with a slight variation. He leans on her way more than the flying missionary and yes, penetration is deep here as well.

Check out Wild Cherry »

7. Anvil


Remember blind love? Yes, you do, how can you forget? So, it is almost similar to that. She raises her legs up in the air more than the blind love position and rest is the same. I mean penetration and pleasure.

Check out Anvil »

I can bet these sexy moves must have aroused your desires and you’re now excited to do one. That is something missionary is known for. It makes you go crazy. So, if you’re up and your THING does the same, then go ahead.

She is all yours tonight. Make it unforgettable erotically.