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How to Have Sex While Standing? Try These 11 Positions

Hey, you horny peeps out there!

I’ve got something KINKY for you. The place could be your kitchen, washroom, office or even airplane.

Wondering? C’mon it’s a quickie dude!

So, ready to sweat it out in this erotic perf, a quickie sort of?

Let’s get an erection…errr…explanation.

It seems not that easy though and not everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, when you taste the explosive orgasm, it’s all worth it.

Yes, we’re talking about standing sex positions. You know, you don’t even need any bed, couch or anything else but a surface to stand up. Let everything else be and you go get her wet pussy.

So, wanna nail it?

Here you go…

There are countless variants to make it wilder and you can’t miss out on these once you become pro. We are here to enlighten you on that matter. Here we’ve compiled 11 tricky yet orgasm-seeking standing poses which gets her a creampie, for sure!

1. Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver

Have you ever strike the right chord of her sexuality yet? If not, do it now. This position is almost perfect for a random quickie because both the partners are in standing position. She is standing against the wall facing towards the wall and he joins her from behind. He sets a perfect slot and angle to get into her, deeper.

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2. Wheelbarrow


Imagine if your woman prefers athletic moves while humping hard, it would be wild, isn’t it? He stands firmly and she stands on her hands and her legs are rested on his thighs. He is between her legs holding her waist for support and sets his cock in her pussy wildly.

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3. Superman


She lies flat on the bed keeping her feet on the edge, bends them in knees keeping a fair gap between them. Now it’s your turn to show up and go between her legs and slightly bending your knees. Now hold her by the waist and lift her upper body on you, while the woman remains in a horizontal position. All she needs to do is bends her legs and leans them on your back and rests her hands on your knees for better support.

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4. Butter Churner

Butter Churner

Are you a Yoga fan? It will work here. How? We’ll tell you. She needs to raise her legs in the air and takes them back of her head while lifting her lower back as well. Now, he comes bending his knees slightly and puts his iron-cock into her already wet coochie which is up there in inviting position. He can churn all the erotic pleasure out of it.

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5. Elephant


This hug is one of the most erotic hugs you can ever imagine to have. Feeling her pussy’s warmth and boobies sensation at the same time is just beyond words. While standing straight, she is entangled with him firmly. By making proper eye contact, he starts penetrating through he vajayjay.

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6. Wall


It looks a bit twisted but orgasm is straight and shoots you up in heaven. He stands against the wall facing opposite to it and twists his waist a little to reach her pussy while she is also standing facing opposite to him.

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7. The Swing

The Swing

Oh yeah..oh yeah…! You too have just heard it? Haven’t you? Okay, we’ll make you feel those screams right now. He stands to bend his knees a little and she first wraps her legs around his waist and arches back holding his hands for support. Now he starts the thrusts and goes straight into her melting pussy deeper.

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8. Stand and Carry

Stand and Carry

It does need balls of steel to perform like a pro. But don’t fret about it pal, have the faith and go get the orgasm. He stands still and she entangles herself around his waist wrapping her hands around his neck for support. Her coochie is now rubbing with his shaft and action begins with louder moans and harder panting.

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9. The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard

He guards her pussy and owns it erotically. And she doesn’t have any other option than dancing on his thrusts’ rhythms. He stands straight against the wall facing opposite to it and she joins him facing opposite him. He approaches her with thunder in his dick and she shines like a blue.

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10. Upside Down

Upside Down

It must be a specific arc that would make you hornier. Oh yeah, you need to stand up bending your knees a little and she is in a handstand position. He holds her by her waist and pelvic are and sets her pussy to his rock-hard cock and rest is all you better imagine.

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11. Spiderman


Her legs are bent like Spiderman or should we rather say, Spiderwoman. All he needs to do is to adjust between her legs and start making rhythmic motions. Take her spidey senses beyond her imagination.

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Now, you see, standing anything up has so much fun.

Not always your dick, sometimes you should remain erect and have erotic adventures. These variants are there to up your sex life quotient and set you free from mundane and monotonous vanilla sex.

So, don’t do it just for the sake of doing it. Do with all the volcanic compassion so that eruption melts you both (If you know what I mean).

Get up and let it be straight and erect; she is waiting for the adventure.

Stand UP and Go DEEP!