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What is 69 Position? 7 Variations for Extra Spice



It all starts with aaaahhh…ohhh..yessss… and it echoes all around.

Can you still imagine anything raunchier and orgasmic than this? I mean 69ing.

I bet you perhaps can’t.

So, let’s have an idea of what is it and how it feels. (Although, you’ve got the boner already)

When she urges to feel those dangling of his balls on her forehead and he, like an adventurer, keeps on exploring her vajayjay with his so-damn-lusty tongue.

The other way, you can say, it’s about her lips’ and his tongue’s affair and where it leads to, is just way beyond anything you crave for.

Steps to perform:

  • You two just need to lie down on the bed in the opposite direction.
  • His mouth is lined up on her coochie and her on your shaft.
  • Then? Making her feel aroused AF and feeling blast down there at the same time, happens.

There are quite a lot killing variations of 69 which make you hornier and lets you in that mood anytime, anywhere.

Here are 7 such great sex positions that would make your 69ing spicier and more orgasm-seeking.

1. Reverse 69

Reverse 69

They tangled with each other and their mouths are all set to explore those burning castles with blazing desires. He is on the top and puts his dick on her mouth and he lets his tongue slide into her pussy as much deep as he can go. What an encounter.

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2. Sweet Seat

Sweet Seat

When carnal desires are at their peak, they can make you feel upside down. She rests her legs on the back of the chair and keeps head on the edge of the base and he comes close and put his dick in her mouth and her vajayjay is inviting his tongue irresistibly to explore more.

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3. Chair Tryst

Chair Tryst

I would rather call it an erotic tryst with orgasm and yes, a chair plays a key role. He needs to put his legs on the chair’s back and hangs his head a little on edge. She leans and goes directly towards his cock to meanwhile, he finds her pussy to play with.

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4. Lazy 69

Lazy 69

When you and your partner don’t want to move your asses and still seek wild pleasures out of foreplay, this could be a perfect posture. You two need to lie on the bed sideways, placing each other’s mouth to respective genitals. Now, start the action.

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5. Handy 69

Handy 69

Don’t ignore this just because it doesn’t sound that raunchy. It has its own charm. At times fingers can serve better than lips and tongue. She lies down flat and he comes over her sliding his fingers to her rosy-pussy and she tries her hands on his shaft.

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6. Reverse 69 Back

Reverse 69 Back

Don’t ever undermine the might of oral sex; it can have that what nothing can’t. Don’t believe me? See yourself, tonight. Let her lie down raising her legs and holding her ankles for support. He kneels and sets his cock on to her mouth and lets his tongue wander in that wet territory.

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7. World’s Strongest

World's Strongest

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea as it demands great strength and expertise to perform, as the name itself suggests. He stands still and holds her like her legs are wrapped around his neck and mouth placed on his dick and he can lick her coochie at the same time.

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So, by now, you must have thought about trying 2-3 oral variations or maybe all once at least?

Why wait then? Just go and make a move to make your mornings, evenings or nights to be precise those moments, steamier, spicier and sensual. As foreplay is something that manifolds your desires to go further and have an awesome make out.

Rushing towards that humping-bumping directly without living those steamy moments may give you pleasure but orgasm will be too far in that case.