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How to do sex in Amazon position? Try these 4 variations too!


As he brings his knees closer to his chest, she screams with sheer joy and fulfils her amorous needs.

Steps to perform:

Step 1: He lies on the bed or any other flat surface on his back.

Step 2: She now rides him and at the same time he bends his knees and brings them closer to his chest.

Step 3: The action begins now as she accelerates her amorous advances wildly.

It’s not that usual, but when she is ready for it, magic happens. Yes, it’s amazon position wherein she is on top and you watch her screaming like anything. One of the best sex positions you should definitely try to spice things up!

So, imagine, if we come up with some more tangy variations of it, how’d you feel?

Already in heaven? Be there.

1. Love Pump

Love Pump

Faces are in the opposite direction, but the fire, within you and her, melts everything away. She is standing and keeps moving herself a little up and down. You hold on tight, she will make you fly higher.

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2. Reverse Jockey

Reverse Jockey

It’s not that usual move you have been doing for long. But it is something you should try. She comes over you and sets her juicy coochie on your erected dick and rest is history.

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3. Surprise Party

Surprise Party

They say, when it’s tough, pleasure gets doubled. They say it right. It is a little tough, but yes, you can surprise her with its orgasmic pleasure. You lie down rasing your folded legs and she sits on your hard rock dick facing opposite to you.

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4. Rev-it-Up Rub

The Rev-it-Up Rub

Doing it on the edge makes it spicier in this special amazon variant. Wanna know more about it? Just lie on the bed keeping your lower body on the edge of the bed and raise your legs up. She comes keeping her face opposite to you and starts moving up and down.

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Want to master this amazon now?

You surely can.

All you need to do is practice, practice and more practice. It will keep you alive and set your horny desires on fire.