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How to do sex in Butterfly position? Try these 3 variations too!


The position allows the couples to hold each other strongly and the precious moment is loaded with kisses and strokes.

Steps to perform:

Step 1: The woman lies on her shoulder with the rest of the body in a vertical position.

Step 2: The male partner holds her thighs to keep her body close to his body

Step 3: He insert the penis from the back side.

Step 4: She rests her legs on both of his shoulder.

When you hold her tight and she loves this firm grip of yours, it’s magic. You can watch her expressions of joy while sweating it out on the bed.

So, this butterfly is erotically killing.

There are many variations of it, and we are here with some of the best sex positions to try out.

1. Waterfall


She is hanging down the edge and you have all the scope of getting so close to her inviting coochie. Just hold her thighs and go as deep as much you can.

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2. Aquarius


It may look like cliché but once you’re into this aquatic pleasure, you will repeat it, for sure. And if you’re not sure about the penetration, let me tell you, it’s really deep.

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3. G-Force


This powerball will make you feel her G-spot if you have that strength to hold her tight. So, it’s not for all, but yes, if you want to give it a try, you’ll never forget it.

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So, I won’t say you are feeling butterflies in the stomach right now. Because I know these butterflies are titillating you down there.

These variants are gonna be your surprise for her tonight.

Go on…