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How to do sex in Launch Pad position?

Launch Pad

When desires ignite and take us to the unimaginable heights, we need to take a plunge into the depth of heavenly pleasure. This position somehow defines it all.

How to Do it:

Let’s get a better understanding through steps-

Step 1: Make the way to your bedroom and set the things right as the heat of the moment demands.

Step 2: Woman needs to lie on her back first.

Step 3: Thereafter, she needs to lift her legs tending to the breasts.

Step 4: It’s man’s turn now. So, he is supposed to kneel down placing her buttocks between his legs.

Step 5: They both now need to act. Man and woman both need to hold each other by the arms (just above the elbows).

Step 6: Woman now presses gently her against the man’s chest.

Step 7: Man now can push himself deeper and feel the pleasure the woman feels at the same time.